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  • Front-end developer

    F-8, Kohistan Road, Islamabad

    $ 1550 / month11 min ago

    Kashif Riaz
    16: 43

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About me


Who am II'm Kashif Riaz. I'm a self-taught front-end web developer. Learning tech, particularly the programming language is my passion. I have been there for the last two years in this field.

Computer languages that I know wellI have a strong grip on the front-end web dev languages and tools including HTML5, CSS3, Javascript.

Frameworks and librariesAlthough, I am good at writing codes in the above languages in native syntax, however, to save time, energy, and (ultimately) cost, I have also skilled up myself in a few frameworks and libraries including Reactjs, JQuery, Bootstrap and Tailwind css.

What can I doAs a front-end developer, I can create simple and complex User Interfaces, Color schemes, Responsive and Mobile-first Layouts, Browser-friendly Typography, Accessibility-enriched components, and handling , responding and monitoring User interactions on website with Javascript.

CMS systemI also have experience in managing websites on Wordpress Content Management System e.g. installing themes and plugins, adding and modifying posts and pages, customizing core functionalities of theme etc,

JAMStack technologyI also work in Gatsbyjs framework, -a part of JAMStack technology that allows the creation of lightweight, secure and fast-loading websites. This website is also built with Gatsbyjs framework.

What business problems can I solve for you

Website that represent your company
Custom HTML, CSS and Javascript codes
Lightweight website for single product or service
Portfolio website
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